– Used by professional pest controllers in the UK for the control of rats and mice.

  • Controls rats and mice
  • Second generation poison
  • In and around buildings
  • Multi-feed anticoagulant

Rodenticides containing bromadiolone are used by suitably trained personnel to control rat and mice populations in and around domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Bromadiolone is a second generation multi-feed anticoagulant poison effective against rodents resistant to first generation poisons such as warfarin.

Bromadiolone poisons contain 50ppm of the active usually on a food based and have various presentations including whole wheat, cut wheat, blocks, pasta, pastes and gels.

When compared with other anticoagulant rodenticides, bromadiolone has a good level of activity against the brown rat, and moderate levels of activity against the house mouse.

The ‘farm yard’ profile of bromadiolone is only slightly less positive than that of difenacoum, posing a slightly higher risk to non-target animals.

All rodenticides should be protetcted from access by children and non-target species by the use of suitable commercially available secure bait stations.

Brands stocked include Rodex, Bromag, Brigand and Tomcat.

Rodex Bromadiolone Whole Wheat 20kg Sack

Rodex Whole Wheat Poison


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