Pest Control

Pest control on farms prevents the transmission of diseases and loss of feed and livestock caused insects, rats and mice.\r\n\r\nThe pest control products we supply will enable you to manage insects, mites and rodents on your farm.\r\n\r\nThe main insect pests on farms are flies, red poultry mite (on egg laying farms) and litter beetle (on broiler farms).\r\n\r\nFlies on farms can be controlled with lavacides (prevents maggots turning into flies), adulticides (kills adult flies), UV fly killers, sticky papers and fly bags.\r\n\r\nRed poultry mites, if left uncontrolled, will result in stressed hens and lower egg production. They can be controlled by chemical or physical means.\r\n\r\nLitter beetles will eat feed, disturb birds, spread disease and damage housing. We carry a range of chemicals that are highly effective at controlling litter beetles.\r\n\r\nRodents carry diseases such as Salmonella that can be spread to livestock and farm workers. They also eat feed and cause damage to farm buildings. We supply a range of rodenticides and traps to help you control any rodents on your farms. supplies pest control products including rodenticides, insecticides, traps and associated equipment to the pest control and agricultural sectors. Brands supplied include Neosorexa, Brigand, Roban, Rodex and Vertox.\r\n\r\nOur team is available to chat through and advise on different options and types of poison / traps depending on the time of year and needs. Look no […]