Can I open a credit account?

Yes, all customers can apply for a credit account by following this link – acceptance will depend on usual trading and business rules.

Can I just pay now?

Yes, you can always checkout as a guest or with your account and pay by card or paypal.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes, nearly all of our products are offered with next day delivery, if ordered before 2:30pm. For full details please click here.

Can you deliver on a Saturday?

Yes, although there is an additional charge for this service which is passed on directly from the courier.

Do you offer help and support?

Yes, we have a UK based, in-house technical support team for all of our products. Please email sales@afssupplies.co.uk or call 01842 765 634.

Do you sell products which can be used on Organic farms and other businesses?

Yes, we do. We provide a wide range of products which are organic, however always check with your certified governing body as goal posts are always moving.

Are your disinfectants DEFRA approved?

Yes, all products suitable for use around people and livestock are DEFRA approved.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, all customers are welcome to collect their order from us. Upon ordering, please make note of this in the notes section. Once this has been confirmed and collected, we will refund the delivery cost.

How long do dust mask filters last?

Ultimately it depends on the environment and type of mask. A standard, disposable dust mask should only be used for a maximum of one day. Re-usable masks and filters will usually be good for up to 30 days based on average use. However if you notice any visible damage or wear, if you smell any target particules; or lastly if you encounter breathing resistance – replace your mask or filters immediately.

What dust masks or filters do I need to protect against asbestos?

For asbestos protection you need an FFP3 mask or P3 particulate filters.

What’s the best poison for rats? 

Every situation is different, but as a rule of thumb – Bromadiolone may be more aggressive when targeting rats and Difenacoum based poisons tend to work better when targeting mice. Each case is different depending on the environment, location and other factors. Please call us on 01842 765 634 to discuss the best rat poison for you.

What’s the best attractant for rats, mice and squirrels?

There are many options, including professional attractants. However if you are looking for products in the home, our personal favourites are peanut butter or chocolate spread!

My birds seem a little lethargic – what do I do?

Every situation is different and time of year and conditions can make a significant difference. We suggest using a selection of vitamins such as Solulyte or Multivits. If you would like something more natural, then take a look at pecking pans, cardboard rolls or even toys such as balls.

Still have a question? Please call us on 01842 765 634.