Hysolv CBM8 MV

Hysolv CBM8 MV is a long lasting mite and insect control product to be used in poultry housing and similar environments.

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CBM8 MV is a long last insecticide from Hysolv. Lasting for up to three months the latest formulation can be used in occupied housing and is proven to be effective against red mite, flies, beetles and other insects.

Hysolv CBM8 MV Red Mite Control Benefits

  • Long lasting activity – for up to 3 months
  • Can be used in occupied housing
  • Micro-encapsulated for slow release of active ingredient
  • 500ml concentrate treats 200 – 500m2 (sprayed) or up to 2,500m3 (hot fogged)

CBM8 MV is a long acting acaricide, microencapsulated to give a slow release of Cyphenothrin/Prallethrin up to 3 months in duration. CBM8 MV is suitable for use in poultry and pigeon housing, sheep and goat housing, cattle stalls, horse stables, piggeries and farrowing crates.

The product is effective against flying and crawling insects including:

  • Mites
  • Nuisance flies
  • Midges
  • Litter beetles
  • Biting flies
  • Beetles
  • Grain weevils
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish

Hysolv CBM8 MV Application

1. Shake the bottle well before use. Dilute CBM8 MV with warm clean water to prepare the ready-to-use solutions as shown below. (Once the solution has been made, it should be discarded after 2 days)
2. Cover any feeders and drinkers, troughs etc prior to administering CBM8 MV, do not use on milking equipment.
3. Assess the severity of the infestation and make up either a 2.0% or 1.5% solution of CBM8 MV depending upon the severity of the infestation.
4. Spray all the surfaces of the animal house. Pay special attention to cracks, crevices, dung channels, perches, nests, and the base of cages. CBM8 MV is best applied with a low pressure (approx. 2 bar)/knapsack sprayer; however other sprayers can also be used. Do not spray any commercial livestock or eggs.
5. In very heavy infestations a second treatment 5 – 7 days later (with 1.5% solution) may be necessary to prevent re-infestation from any newly hatched mite eggs.
Duration of activity: In order to gain maximum duration of activity, Hysolv International recommends the use of 2% concentration for spraying.

During fogging (wherever possible):
1. Close doors and windows for approx. 1 hour and turn ventilation off.
2. Spread the fog evenly in the whole area of application. The treatment should take place when the target organisms are most active.
3. After fogging ventilate the rooms well for approx. 4 hours or use an air exhauster (1200 m3 / h). The spraying layer should be completely dry before entering the rooms.

CBM8 MV Water Dilution Range
Heavy infestation 200 ml 10 litres 2.00% 200-500m2
Maintenance treatment 150 ml 10 litres 1.50% 200-500m2
Cold fogging 500 ml 25 litres 2.00% 2,500m3
Hot fogging 500 ml 100% 2,500m3

The product must not be used on animals. Spread the product where it is impossible for animals to lick it off. Remove eggs before treatment. Do not touch treated surfaces until they have completely dried off. Remove or cover openly stored food, feed, feeding troughs, drinkers, milking equipment and milking pipes as well as kitchenware.

Always read the label and product information before use. MSDS Download.
Pack size: 500ml


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